Pioneer of Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen in Tokyo

Our soup is made from boiled pork bones and finely cooked vegetables. It is very thick and nicely spreads in your mouth a slightly sweet and soft taste. Our home-made curly noodles strongly entwine and bring a lot of umami flavor. Contrary to the current trend, we balance fat and salt in a way that is the perpetuation of our restaurant's original 70s taste. We recommend that you enjoy our ramen with our special spice, ""TOHKA"", vinegar and pepper that are all at your disposal on the tables.
*The photo shows Chūka-soba with seasoned eggs.


Our Chāshū is a low-fat shoulder loin that taste fresh and marries very well with our soup. We cut it large and thin so as to let the flavour penetrate the soup, and the 5 slices we put in our ramen come as the perfectly right volume. Soak them in the soup one by one and enjoy the taste !

  • Chūka-soba  750
  • Chāshū-men  1000
  • Seasoned egg: 100 each
  • Boild egg, Raw egg: 50 each
  • Garlic S: 80 Double: 160
  • Additional bean sprout: 120
  • Additional Nori: 100
  • Green onion: 150
  • Bamboo shoots: 150


Please let us know how you want to adjust the taste or the texture of your noodles

Amount of fat a lot / a little
Soup taste Thick / Light
Texture of the noodles Hard / Soft
Half noodles A half volume of noodles
Less noodles 3/4 volume of noodles



Home made noodles

We are not using any preservatives. The noodles brings out the full original flavour of the ingredients. It goes very well with the soup.

We have been using thin noodles.
Through trail and error, we started with straight noodles but ended up with the wavy ones since 1965 because it matches the soup best.
Preservatives, ethyl alcohol, PG are not used, and the noodles bring you the original wheat flavor and texture.


Once you add it in your Chūka-soba, it will not only bring spiciness but also a rich flavor and umami. It's a secret special spice mix.

Around 1970, a student from Thailand was eating a ramen with chili and granulated sugar. We tasted it and the idea for TOHKA came from this experience. Without granulated sugar, it is just spicy and has no rich flavor, but once we add some oyster sauce it makes this spice more flavorly and mild. After several trials, we finalized the spice without preservatives and named it TOHKA. In the beginning, customers could taste it when they came to our restaurants. However, since we received a lot of possitive comments about it we started selling it in 1984.


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